Lee brick works with architects. Please review the following information on how to specify the shapes.

Lee Brick will need a full-scale drawing in order to confirm that we can manufacture your shape. Please include the following information with your full-scale drawing:

  • Dimensions of all sides
  • Degree of each angle (where applicable)
  • Radius (where applicable)
  • Specify surfaces to be faced
  • Specify cored or solid. (Cored special shapes can usually be manufactured more economically)

Dimensional tolorences will meet or exceed ASTM C-216. Type FBS Grade SW. Angular tolorences are plus or minus 3 degrees.

It is very important that special shapes are ordered with stretchers. If manufactured seperately, exact color match cannot be guaranteed.

For detailed information, samples of our color ranges, or a quotation on your job, please contact your local distributor. If you do not have a current distributor listing, please call for the distributor nearest you. We look forward to working with you on your next distinctive design.

Please note the following examples of good versus poor brick shape designs and simple versus complex. Poor, complex designs can lead to both excessive costs and production problems. Please be aware of these ramifications when you design your next brick building.